Streamlight Stinger LED / Stinger LED HL,HP,HPL / Ultrastinger LED & Poly Stinger


If you carry the Streamlight Stinger LED / Stinger LED HL,HP,HPL / Ultrastinger LED & Poly Stinger flashlight it’s used by police, government agencies, military, and private security around the world. There is no way you can break a window with these flashlights without causing damage to you or your expensive light. When you attach a Bust A Cap® to your Streamlight® flashlight you can break glass with just one tap and not damage your equipment or yourself. Bust A Cap has two U.S. Patents 7,887,211 & D624,232 and is Cop’s #1 choice for breaking glass.

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Warning: Please remove the o-rings from the old cap and put on your new Bust A Cap.

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Bust A Cap Streamlight caps are a new, one-of-a-kind device that attaches to your existing flashlight that gives you a tactical advantage to break glass. Bust A Cap is a rapid entry tool that was designed by a veteran Law Enforcement Officer who worked for one of the largest Sheriff’s Departments in the United States. This device is being utilized by law enforcement, fire departments, government agencies, private security and civilians around the world, giving them a tactical and safe entry or exit out of an automobile, bus, house, boat or plane. Replace the existing cap on your flashlight with a new Bust A Cap device. It is now ready when you are.

This cap is manufactured in the United States and made from special heat treated steel, applies in less than a minute, requires no training and will break glass with one tap.

Bust A Cap can save your life and the lives of others.


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