Can Bust A Cap Break Glass?
Yes. Bust A Cap can break window glass with one easy tap.

Is Bust A Cap a Department Issued Device?
Yes, Bust A Cap is being used by 1000 of agencies around the world.

How Does Bust A Cap Work?
Place your Bust A Cap on your baton or flashlight and you are ready to go 10-8.

How Many Windows Can I Break with Bust A Cap?
Yes as many as your want.  Bust A Cap has a lifetime limited warranty.

Can I Use it One-handed?
Yes. Bust A Cap has been designed to use with one hand, leaving your strong hand free for your weapon.

Will Glass Fly Through the Air, Hitting People?
No. With a minimal amount of force needed to break the window,  The glass won’t fly through the air hitting you or any one else.