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Testimonials from Bust a cap usersI did received the "Bust a Cap" that you sent for a trial and evaluation. Your product does every thing that you said it would. It simply "WORKS".

I have tested it on a couple of old car windows with much success. I usually have a flashlight or baton within arms reach almost all of the time. I can assure you that they will now be the ones with "Bust a Cap" installed.

With your permission I would like to show as many officers/agents/an other folks that deal in the serious social work of our country's protection your product.

Noel Johns
Security and Safeguards Directorate
Investigations & Special Projects
SAFE-2, G998
Los Alamos National Laboratory


I recently purchased one of your products for an ASP baton. Not only do I work as a law enforcement officer, I own a law enforcement supply company. Many of my co-workers have been impressed with the concept and quality. I really like the product, idea and quality. This product will remain with me on active service for the rest of my career.

I really like the video on the website.

Ryan Vaughn

Hello,  My name is Joel Dempsey, I'm a Deputy Sheriff for the county I live in, in Florida.  I used the end cap once on a pursuit (or the conclusion of it) when I literally saw two officers attempting to break the windows on the vehicle with fully expanded batons.  The batons, to my amazement, and much like your demonstrations, continually bounced off of the windows.  This created a very dangerous situation for everyone involved due to not being able to see the suspect inside the vehicle (thank you limo tint.)  I then approached the windows and remembered my Bust A Cap.  I deployed my baton and it immediately broke through the window which led us to successfully detaining the suspect.  I also used your product to rescue a dog that had been locked in a very hot car for many hours after extensive efforts were made to locate the owner.  Anyway, I tell you that to tell you this:  As I mentioned, I recently started at the sheriff's office, where I live.  Thank you so much for your great product!

Joel Dempsey
Deputy Sherriff


On January 30, 2009 I responded to a report of an unresponsive male behind the wheel of a Honda Civic and observed that it was partially obstructing the two far left lanes of Route 287.  I ran to the victim’s vehicle and saw the male driver slumped forward and drool was dripping from his mouth.  I slapped the driver’s door window and yelled to try and arouse the driver but he was not responding. I tried pulling on each door handle, but all the doors were locked.  I shattered the rear passenger side window with the Bust A Cap device attached to my Mag-Lite Flashlight, and unlocked the door.  I checked the male for a pulse and Breathing neither were present I began to give First Aid to the victim until the Cedar Knolls Paramedics Arrived and they took over giving CPR.  The Victim was transported to Morristown Hospital where he had a pulse and was breathing on his own.

Ptl. Leggour
Hanover Police Department
New Jersey


I am a Houston Police Officer.  I recently saw your product advertised in a police magazine so I thought I would try it on my Streamlight Stinger.  One day my squad and I were attempting to stop a vehicle that had just led us on a vehicle pursuit.  We finally got him boxed in, but he didn't want to come out of the car.  One of my team mates was on the passenger side was just wailing on the window with his asp baton with no effect.  He had to hit it 6 or 7 times before it broke.  I pulled out my Stinger with the Bust-A-Cap on it and hit the glass once and the window disappeared.  We were able to pull the driver who was high on Crack and PCP out of the car and effect the arrest.

Every one on my squad saw how well it worked, so I placed an order the next week for all of us to have it on our SL20's!  Now I have it on both my flash lights and it is an invaluable tool.

R. Watson
Houston Police Dept
North Command
Big Six Unit


I have the bust a cap on my Mag-Lite and would just like to say that this product works as well and if not better than advertised. We had an intoxicated driver who was about to lead us on a pursuit, thanks to the bust a cap that threat was immediately stopped and the subject was taken into custody without further incident. The bust a cap saved us a lot of time and prevented an incident from becoming a situation. Every cop should have one.

Dustin B.
Police Officer  


I got one of your ASP end caps for my baton and it has proven to be highly successful in breaching car windows.

Richard H.
NYPD Emergency Service Unit  


I heard about you through your ad in POLICE magazine, to which I subsribe.

I then visited your website.  It was your demonstration video that sold me on the product, and I hope to get them approved as a authorized uniform item by my department.

I can think of several instances in which I had to break the windows on a automobile, and had to use my ASP to do so.  Specifically, getting a infant out of a rental van that was locked and running in 95 degree heat, compelling suspects to comply on traffic stops in which they refused to exit the vehicle, and in egressing from my squad after a horrific accident when it caught on fire and I was trapped inside...

Looking forward to trying out your product.

Deptuy J. Sabo
Anoka County Sheriff's Office 


I have used your product now for saving a less than one year old locked in a not running car in Florida Heat.  On several house windows where BG's had felony warrants and seemed to think I would not come and get them?  And on several vehicle extrations where the driver thought a locked door and rolled up window would also keep them from going to jail.  The product is still 100% as it was NIB.

E. Holbert


When I Received Bust A Cap from a friend I was wary of this product. I had seen the videos on the product from you tube, but it seemed too good to be true. Then, on July 9th 2008, I was driving around a curve and looking to my left saw a Ford Explorer Sport that had overturned and was resting on its roof. The female driver was trapped inside the vehicle and was unable to turn it off.   The vehicle was filling with what appeared to be smoke.  As she yelled “ I can’t breath,”  a civilian (6ft tall 250lb male white) started to kick the back hatch window on the vehicle. he kicked the window as hard as he could three times and it didn’t even crack. Then,  I thought “Hey, my poly-stinger is equipped with the Bust A Cap.”  With one medium strike (because I didn’t have gloves on) to the vehicle back glass, the window crumbled into 1000 pieces. The civilian as well as myself stared in astonishment.   Deciding we needed to turn the vehicle off,  a different civilian started to hit the passenger’s side window with a claw hammer.   After his second hit, I asked him to back up and I struck the passenger window.  The window had dark tint so the glass didn’t fall to the ground but just shattered.   I cleared the glass with the flash light and was able to turn off the vehicle.   At this point, Fire fighters were arriving at the scene and removed the victim from the back window because all doors were smashed to a point that they could not be opened. The Bust A Cap will always be on my duty belt and I insist that all of my partners have one as well. 

Deputy Sheriff,  L. Phelps 
Shelby County, Tennessee


I am a state trooper in Tennessee.  Could you tell me if the cap is made by ASP or another company. I have been needing one for along time.  And, seeing that my baton is positioned in the front of my belt, I need fast access to a glass breaking device. I can tell you from experience that swinging a baton at a rolled up window after a pursuit with a non-compliant suspect, sometimes will not open the window, but just warp your baton.

Tennessee State Trooper


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